This dog portal will focus on providing all you wanted to know to raise happy and healthy dogs.  This portal aims to be a one-stop center that can guide dog lovers accordingly.

We also aim to be a support community for fur kids dads and mums. As part  community service, we will share missing dog posts and petitions against dog cruelty.

Initially we would focus on the below.

  • How and where to train your dogs
  • Recommend the best food & treats
  • dog toys/clothes/accessories

Feldun and family maintains this website . There is no funding by any organization meaning we are able to provide unbiased recommendations.  We are grateful though if you click on any of our affiliate links. There is no difference in price if you directly buy from the organization.

This site is dedicated to Brandee, a rescued Golden Retriever who recently passed away. We rescued and adopted her and she led a happy life.  We miss Brandee very much and  she lives through our memories. This site intends to provide and share tips on all you need to know so that your fur kids will have a healthy and fun life similar to Brandee.


We hope all of you would support us and share your experience and tips in raising a fun loving fur kid. To make this an awesome interactive site, feel free to share your dog achievements and adventures.